2 Reasons why Solid Wall Homes Suffer from Damp

If you live in a house that was built before the 1930s, it’s probably got solid walls. Solid wall homes are subject to damp because of two reasons.

1. Insulation

Homes with solid walls are not as well insulated as properties with cavity walls.

This is because they have just one wall, whereas cavity walls are thicker. They are thicker because they are made with two layers of wall with a small cavity in between.

Solid walls will let more hot air out and cold air in. Solid wall homes are also more difficult to insulate, meaning lots of people just leave them.

That leads to damp problems as warm air hits the cold walls.

2. No damp proof course

It’s not very likely that solid wall homes will have a damp proof course (DPC). Damp is more likely to form in a home without a DPC because there is nothing protecting the building.

If you want to insulate your solid walls, you must check to see whether your home has a DPC first. It’s vital that you check, because you could end up making your home more likely to get damp if you choose the wrong materials.

If the insulation you choose isn’t breathable, you could end up with moisture getting trapped in the insulation. This will eventually cause damp and create lots of problems.

The best way to tackle damp in solid wall homes

It’s best to install a damp proof course in a property with solid walls. It will prevent moisture from rising up through your walls, which is known as rising damp.
solid wall homes rising dampA damp proofing professional can fit a DPC horizontally or vertically and use cream or rods and chemicals. They will create a barrier against moisture and prevent your home from suffering from rising damp.

It’s also a good idea to choose breathable insulation, so moisture doesn’t get trapped and cause damp.

If you need a DPC for your solid wall home, fill in the form below and we’ll put you in touch with up to 4 damp proofing experts.

Emily Rivers

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