How Coastal Buildings are Affected by Damp

Damp is, unfortunately, a problem that can affect homes everywhere. But homes on the coast often suffer more from it and have more difficulty getting rid of it.

The soil salinity level – the salt content in soil – makes a big difference to how likely it is that damp will affect a home, and there are higher salt levels near the coast.

Pair that with humid conditions and the salt content of sea air and it can make a damp problem even worse.

Damp problems in coastal areas

Here in the UK, we actually have some of the lowest salinity levels in the world. But salt still causes a problem to our homes. Salt levels often increase over winter, when we have to grit the roads to clear ice and snow.

Another factor that makes damp problems worse in coastal areas is that lots of the houses are old and were built without damp proof courses or other preventative measures.

So if you live in an old house, it’s worth getting a professional in to assess whether you could benefit from any upgrades.

Preventing damp in properties by the coast

Although coastal and riverside homes are more prone to it, you don’t have to accept damp as a part of life. It can lead to various health problems including respiratory problems, so it’s not a problem that should be ignored.

There are plenty of professionals out there who can advise you on how to keep control of mould and other issues and install proofing measures to stop it from coming back. They can stop existing cases in their tracks and prevent it from spreading and coming back by implementing measures like membranes and courses to keep moisture out of your home.

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Emily Rivers

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